CBD For The Busy Mom

I’m posting my experience as a busy mom who is looking to improve her health, just with diet, exercise and natural remedies. I know there are many over the counter solutions to the problems I’ve faced, but like I stated, I want to only focus on natural remedies. I know that they work, so I am sharing my experiences here, and hopefully saving you some time in the process.

Why CBD?

So let’s start with my favorite and arguably the most all encompassing natural remedy to most ailments (including anxiety and soreness), CBD.

Now CBD is a natural oil, found in the trichomes of various marijuana and hemp plants. One thing that people need to know right away, CBD and even hemp plants contain very little to no THC, which is the chemical that provides the high feeling. CBD does not do that, it is purely medicine.

So for me personally, CBD gummies or tinctures, or oils all do the same thing. They help me relax, they help my body heal, and they reduce any anxiety I am having at the time.

How To Use CBD To Get A Full Nights Sleep

Since it CBD is very effective at helping me achieve a deep, natural relaxed state, it naturally is an amazing sleep aid. In fact when I am really struggling to sleep, I can combine it with a few mg’s of melatonin and I quickly will find my body relaxing and my mind drifting off. It’s wonderful to fall asleep with CBD.

My Final Thoughts On CBD Use

In short, CBD is wonderful and I literally can’t imagine not having it in my life. If this sounds like something you are interested in, please give it a try.