For Men With ED, Check Out The Peruvian Brew

As a mom who is happily married, I wanted to discuss something that men deal with and are sometimes embarrassed about, but in reality, they shouldn’t be concerned with.

We are talking about erectile dysfunction.

This can be a complete lack of erection or even soft erections.

Both of which are embarrassing to most men, and frankly super easy to deal with.

While there are many prescription solutions, there is one that has been shown to be incredibly effective and is based on all natural ingredients.

Of course, that is a plus in my book, especially when it comes to things that my man puts in his body.

What I am talking about is a dietary supplement called The Peruvian Brew. You can find all sorts of peruvian erection brew reviews, if you search, but I wanted to share with my readers ‘our’ opinion on this solution.

If you are not familiar with this boner brew, watch this short video to get an idea of what it is all about:

It is a natural based recipe that uses herb and fruit extracts to encourage the body to increase blood flow and improve sensitivity in men.

It really is that simple. Naturally improve blood flow and of course there will be a much stronger chance of a man having a stronger erection. You don’t need to be rocket scientist to understand that.

Also, improving sensitivity is going to make any man more likely to perform better and become interested in intimacy.

I find that people tend to overreact to a lot of things, and ED is one of them in my book.

Why suffer when it can be a simple matter of mixing up this Peruvian brew cocktail and after 20 or 30 minutes enjoying all the benefits?

I encouraged my man to try this, and while he was reluctant at first it is now part of our routine.

No embarrassment and a lot of fun for both of us.

So if you are like me and your man has occasional issues, I suggest you order your own batch of this Peruvian powder and put this very simple issue to rest.

I honestly think that removing the stigma with ED and providing such a simple solution should be shared with everyone, so pass it on.

How To Keep Your New Years Resolution

It’s that time of year. Everyone is thinking of their New Year’s Resolutions. Unfortunately, most people are not going to keep them for more than a few weeks.

I am posting this video for anyone who is looking to make and keep realistic New Year’s resolutions:

Here is the video if that isn’t playing: How To Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions.

If that doesn’t inspire people to keep their resolutions, this article explains why people do not keep their resolutions.

Make it a goal this year to keep at least three New Year’s Resolutions. Choose wisely.

Does This Pick Up Stuff Really Work?

Apparently one of my friends told me about this so called pick up artist movement. So get this, there are these sites where guys go to learn tricks and tips to get women to fall for them.

Now it’s not all bad, many of these sites do teach some pretty manipulative stuff, but some are more trying to get guys to become the best version of themselves. I don’t think I have a problem with sites like these. Some examples are: and Both of the guys who teach stuff on those sites seem to have a healthy respect for women, and quickly jump in where they can to make sure the conversations stay that way. The main focus is on becoming better as a man, and then finding a woman who is looking for a great guy.

Some of the other sites that you can find out there, are teaching some pretty questionable tactics that are more meant to manipulate the feelings women have, versus focusing on self improvement.

So if you do here mention of this movement, be sure to not label all of the so called guru’s as bad manipulators. Some are good, well meaning and looking to be true leaders and help people improve. With that said, most of them are marketers, looking to sell something, so keep an eye on that also. And beware of the ones who do not respect women, or are teaching guys to be sleazy. Those guys are bad examples and do not represent the guys who are trying to improve the lives of guys.

Here is an example of a dating guru who genuinely wants to help guys become better men.

Becoming A Better Man.

That video is exactly what I am talking about.